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HOW TRUELLI CAME TO LIFE Have You Ever Thought That Menstrual Blood Could Save Your Life?

Ever wondered how our story began?

It all started with my frustration over my own period. We've all been there, constantly checking to see if it's your period or just vaginal discharge. But as an aircraft mechanic, it was especially challenging for me because the bathroom felt like miles away!

So, I turned to the internet to find a solution – a liner that could alert me when my period arrived. To my surprise, nothing like that existed. I couldn't live with the worry, so I took action.

Years later, my personal project blossomed into a thriving biotech company, thanks to an incredible team of specialists. Together, we developed two groundbreaking technologies:

1. The world's first menstrual blood detection and alert pantyliner.

2. The world's first pre-diagnostics menstrual pad with instant results!

We named our company Truelli because it truly reveals what your health is all about!

Meet the core team

Now, let's meet the incredible women at the heart of Truelli, leading the charge in revolutionizing women's health. Here we are!

Core Team

Sabine Zureikat

CEO & Founder

A serial entrepreneur with a Master's in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) who's worked with the Japanese army and in Silicon Valley. With patents ranging from drones to biotech, she's the Gemini of our group, bringing twice the innovation and twice the humor to the table!

Dr. Saba Alzabin

Director of science

PhD in molecular oncology & immunology, with 15 years of experience in target discovery, diagnostics, therapeutics & translational medicine across academia and industry. Co-Founder of Nabta Health & a scientific consultant to pharma and biotech. And yes, she's the one who makes lab coats look good!

Nadin Zureikat

Marketing director

A visionary leader in the marketing industry. With 10+ years of experience in go-to-market strategies, growth marketing, lead generation, and brand development.. And here's the twist – she's also an architect, giving her campaigns an architectural precision that makes your brand stand tall!

We are integrated with our honorable partners


J&J ex-innovation director assisting Truelli in constructing its novel pad design along with the technical files for mass production.


One of the largest suppliers in rapid testing has partnered with Truelli to support state-of-the-art rapid tests


Assisting Truelli in customizing lateral flow strips to work on detecting the desired analytes within menstrual blood.


Leading Chemical formulation team from Australia, currently advising & assisting Truelli in furthering the development of its novel chemical formulation technology.


IQVIA will assist Truelli in recruiting 1,000 women to test Truelli menstrual pads after the completion of the MVP.


Where we are located

HQ. Delaware

United states

Labs. Manchester

United kingdom
quote from FOUNDER

Sabine Zureikat

CEO & Founder

“Welcome to the Truelli family! We’re so excited that you’re here! We believe every woman should have access to affordable health, it should not be a luxury. This is why we created Truelli.”

Truelli . Truelli . Truelli . Truelli .


The world’s first noninvasive blood test that will change your life!